Textile Exchange’s 2021 Organic Cotton Market Report Now Released

    The report reveals that 2019/20 was a record-setting year for organic cotton, with the largest volume of organic cotton fiber harvested globally to date, and growth is set to skyrocket in 2020/21. In total, 229,280 farmers grew 249,153 tonnes of organic cotton fiber on 588,425 hectares of certified organic land in 21 countries. This represents a four percent growth in fiber volume and is the fourth year … Read More

2021 Ryan Young Climate+ Awards

About Ryan Young Award Details Criteria Nominations About Ryan Young From the field to finished products, textile production practices have contributed to the destruction of our fragile atmosphere, altered biodiversity, and affected both the availability and quality of precious water.   Recognizing the International Panel on Climate Change’s warning that before 2030 we must halve emissions from textile production to avoid dangerous impacts from climate change, Ryan Young, Textile Exchange’s Chief Operating Officer from 2017 to late … Read More

Textile Exchange Launches 2020 Material Change Insights Report

The Material Change Insights Report provides one of the most data-backed and comprehensive analyses of how the industry is progressing in its shift to preferred materials, as well as alignment with global efforts like the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the transition to a circular economy. This year the report launches alongside Textile Exchange’s Material Change Index (MCI) that tracks … Read More

Textile Exchange and Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action 2025 Recycled Polyester Challenge

Textile Exchange and the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, convened by UN Climate Change, have launched a joint initiative to spur further a shift in the market towards the uptake of recycled polyester (rPET) and the associated reduction in greenhouse gases (GHGs). With 85 brands and suppliers already committed, the 2025 Recycled Polyester Challenge serves as an essential catalyst … Read More

Identifying Low Carbon Sources of Cotton and Polyester

Published: April 27, 2021 This week, the UN’s Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action Raw Materials Working Group issued the report, “Identifying Low Carbon Sources of Cotton and Polyester Fibers”. This important report highlights actions that can be taken now to reduce Green House Gasses (GHGs) during the cultivation of cotton and polyester production. It also highlights the pressing need … Read More

Leather Impact Accelerator Drop-In Clinics

Last January, Textile Exchange launched the Leather Impact Accelerator (LIA), and 2021 is the pilot year for the program. This month the LIA team is hosting a series of Drop-in Clinics to support our stakeholders in navigating the components, criteria, and documents within LIA. Please be sure to add the drop-in clinic dates and the Zoom link to your calendar. The sessions … Read More

Member-only Ask-Me-Anything: March 18

Textile Exchange is launching a series of Ask Me Anything’s (AMA’s) on The Hub, exclusively for members. Each quarter, one of our membership community experts will be taking the helm and championing their area of expertise, over a weeklong discussion thread giving you the opportunity to deep dive into topics that are at the forefront of moving the needle towards … Read More

CFMB Program Update: March

March 2, 2021 | By Jessica Garcia Lama, Benchmark Manager Hello there and welcome back to our new monthly CFMB Program update!   Last month we encouraged you to join the Hub Community of Companies Creating Material Change. We’ve had a fabulous response to our invitation and now have over 100 people in the online community. As promised, we have set the Hub up into three key threads and will post our monthly blog updates under these same banners.    So, with no further … Read More

2025 Recycled Polyester Challenge

Textile Exchange and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action are launching a joint initiative to further spur a shift in the market towards the uptake of recycled polyester (rPET) and the associated reduction in greenhouse gases (GHGs).    The 2025 Recycled Polyester Challenge serves as an important catalyst for change in the apparel and textile industry. We are challenging the apparel … Read More

Organic textile sector reaches a significant milestone in testing for genetically modified (GMO) cotton

In 2019, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA) and Textile Exchange partnered to develop the ISO IWA 32:2019 protocol1 to create a common language among laboratories worldwide to screen for the potential presence of genetically modified (GM) cotton along the organic cotton value chain. Following that project, the partners set out on a new initiative to … Read More

Textile Exchange Launches the Leather Impact Accelerator (LIA) 0.1

February 4, 2021  Download the press release here. Textile Exchange has launched version 0.1 of the Leather Impact Accelerator (LIA), and a one-year pilot phase is now underway. All LIA 0.1 documents and components are available for use by interested companies, including benchmarking industry standards, trading Impact Incentives, and making corporate commitments and claims. LIA is a framework that combines … Read More

CFMB February 2021 Update

February 3, 2021 The story so far Hello there and welcome to our new monthly CFMB Update!  If you are not a member yet, please do join our Hub Community of Companies Creating Material Change. Going forward, the CFMB Hub communications will be arranged in three “streams” (1) Material Change Index: MCI – Brands and Retailers, (2) MCI – Suppliers and Manufacturers, and (3) Biodiversity Benchmark. Textile Exchange’s Corporate Fiber & Materials Benchmark (CFMB) Program first piloted in 2015 and is now in its … Read More

In Loving Memory: Ryan Young

Ryan Young | Devoted Husband, Father, Son and Climate Pioneer  Ryan Young joined Textile Exchange in October 2017 and became Chief Operating Officer in 2019. Ryan was an integral force for our 2030 Climate+ strategy and his determination to make the world a better place for future generations was evident in all that he did. Ryan was an intellectually curious leader … Read More

Leather Impact Accelerator 0.1 and Pilot Year Launch

January 5, 2020 | Textile Exchange is thrilled to announce the launch of the Leather Impact Accelerator (LIA) 0.1 and the start of a one-year pilot phase for implementation of the program components.  Included in this launch are the core LIA documents, applicable to the farm and leather production supply chain levels, as well as support documents for all users … Read More

Biodiversity Benchmark Launched

https://mci.textileexchange.org/biodiversity/ Why Biodiversity? Why Now? Against the background of the Covid-19 pandemic, forest fires, and increasing evidence of continued dramatic species loss, the importance of biodiversity has never been so clear. Biodiversity is vital for human health and livelihoods. Living organisms – plants, animals, and micro-organisms – interact to form complex, interconnected webs of habitats and ecosystems, which in turn … Read More

Textile Exchange Adds Depth to Senior Leadership

Textile Exchange is adding strength and depth to the organization’s leadership as part of the essential foundation needed to deliver the organization’s 2030 Climate+ Vision. These exciting changes include that La Rhea Pepper, a co-founder of Textile Exchange, will serve as CEO and Claire Bergkamp joins Textile Exchange as Chief Operating Officer (COO) on November 1. This added depth is … Read More

Textile Exchange Responds to Detection of Fraud in Organic Cotton

October 30, 2020 Textile Exchange has been working in collaboration with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for many years in both policy alignment as well as being recognized as an acceptable input into our Organic Content Standard (OCS). Recently, an investigation by GOTS resulted in the discovery of fraudulent organic cotton. The full press release from GOTS can be … Read More

2020 Keynote

a special message from alexandra cousteau https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYtYWzL8L5Y&feature=youtu.be Alexandra builds upon the more than 60 years of global name recognition to engage people who expect to hear credible environmental information from the third generation of this pioneering family of explorers. Born into the family business, Alexandra joined her parents in Easter Island on her first expedition at just four months old. … Read More

Cotton 2040: Aligning Sustainability Impact Metrics

During 2019 and 2020 we have been collaborating with fellow sustainable cotton standards, programmes and codes via the ‘Cotton 2040 Impacts Alignment Working Group’ and the Delta Project to take tangible steps towards alignment of impact measurement and reporting for sustainable cotton farming systems.  We are pleased to announce that we have reached a significant milestone in our collaboration. Textile … Read More

Textile Exchange Supports Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly: Making It Easier for Customers to Discover and Shop for Sustainable Products

Textile Exchange today announced that it is participating in Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly, a new program to help make it easy for customers to discover and shop for more sustainable products. Customers will now see the Climate Pledge Friendly label when searching for more than 25,000 products to signify that the products have one or more of 19 different sustainability … Read More

Like-minded organizations form an alliance of resources for the global value chain.

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), ZDHC Foundation (ZDHC), Textile Exchange, and the Apparel Impact Institute (Aii) are today announcing new partnerships in order to accelerate impact and drive new efficiencies for the industry. Based on their core competencies and complementary efforts, the organizations are forming an alliance of resources and offerings for the global value chain. “COVID has been a … Read More

Gap Inc. and Textile Exchange to Publish Sustainable Fibers Toolkit for Apparel Industry

SAN FRANCISCO – September 10, 2020 – Gap Inc. (NYSE: GPS) and Textile Exchange are proud to announce the public release of Gap Inc.’s Preferred Fiber Toolkit (PFT), a resource to be used by sourcing and design teams to inform companies on meeting their sustainability goals. With this partnership, the Toolkit will be developed as a publicly available, industry-wide resource, providing companies with consolidated, validated guidance … Read More

Leading NGOs unite as the FASHION CONVENERS to Accelerate Sustainable Transformation of the Apparel and Accessory Industry

Learn More August 31, 2020 Leading NGOs unite as the FASHION CONVENERS to Accelerate Sustainable Transformation of the Apparel and Accessory Industry Apparel Impact Institute (Aii), Fashion for Good (FFG), Global Fashion Agenda (GFA), Fashion Makes Change (FMC), Responsible Business Coalition at Fordham University (RBC), Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), Textile Exchange (TE), Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, and ZDHC … Read More

2020 Organic Cotton Market Report (OCMR) Released

Textile Exchange’s 2020 Organic Cotton Market Report reveals data collected for the 2018/19 harvest year. The report shows an increase of 31 percent in organic cotton production over the previous year, making it the second-largest harvest on record after 2009/10. In addition to data per region, the report is sprinkled with insights from industry professionals about their current projects, challenges, … Read More

2020 Corporate Fiber and Materials Benchmark Survey Now Live for Brands and Retailers

CFMB participants will be eligible for the 2020 Creating Material Change Index, which tracks the textile sector’s progress toward more sustainable materials sourcing. The benchmark also aligns with global efforts like the Sustainable Development Goals and the transition to a circular economy.  The survey submission period remains open from now until October 16 – with company scorecards and the Material … Read More

Textile Exchange, a Driving Force for Climate Action

By Fashion United | July 14, 2020  Read on Fashion United With less than a decade to meet the 1.5°C climate target, Textile Exchange looks to the accelerated adoption of preferred fibers and materials to achieve its 2030 Strategy: Climate+.  How many times in a single day does each person on the planet come into contact with one form of … Read More

Trends for Sustainability in 2020 – Creating Alignment and Action

By Karen Newman, Consultant at the United Nations | July 8, 2020  It is hard to believe we are almost halfway through 2020.  In some ways it feels as though it has just begun, given the ‘lost months’ of lockdown.  For many, living through fear and tragedy, the last few months seemed to have gone on forever. For the fashion … Read More

2020 Preferred Fiber and Materials Market Report (PFMR) Released!

Textile Exchange’s new Preferred Fiber and Materials Market Report (PFMR) shows the latest trends in the fiber and materials market. It includes those with improved social and environmental impacts – known as Preferred. This in-depth report not only provides the latest facts and figures but also offers inspiring insights into the work of leading companies and organizations – including the people creating material … Read More

A future where resilience and regeneration runs through every fibre

By Dr. Sally Uren at Forum for the Future | June 22, 2020 Dr Sally Uren discusses the context for the MMCF Vision and the plans to build on the existing MMCF Roundtable and the newer Hub in order to create a vehicle for accelerated action, faster collective innovation and problem solving and to build resilience and regenerating society and the environment.  Read this article … Read More

Textile Exchange Animal Welfare Standards: Our Position on Alpaca

In response to a need from the industry, Textile Exchange has begun work on the Responsible Alpaca Standard, in order to verify and identify alpaca fiber produced in farming systems that respect animal welfare and the environment. The standard applies a strong assurance system to perform regular audits of the farms and to track the material from the farm to … Read More

Cotton in Africa: Sustainability at a Crossroads

By Sandra Marquardt   | June 9, 2020 Cotton plays a vital role in the African economy, particularly in the sub-Saharan region. It is both a significant export crop as well as a fiber extensively used in the domestic textile industry and is key to farmers’ livelihoods and state revenue.  However, over the last few years, there has been a push to expand genetically modified (GM) cotton production on the continent … Read More

2020 Virtual Conference Announcement

In light of on-going developments with COVID-19 and after thoughtful discussions with our Board of Directors and a few member companies, Textile Exchange has decided to move our 2020 Textile Sustainability Conference to a fully online, virtual experience that will take place on Monday, November 2- Friday, November 6. We believe this is the safest approach for the well-being of … Read More

New Release! Textile Exchange launches Material Change Insights Report

New Material Change Insights Report summarizes the state of fiber and materials sourcing in the textile industry.  We are pleased to announce the launch of our 2019 Material Change Insights Report, surfacing valuable insights about the state of fiber and materials sourcing in the textiles sector.  Download Here The Material Change Insights Report provides one of the most data-backed and comprehensive analyses of how … Read More

Standards Claims Framework – First Public Consultation

Textile Exchange is pleased to announce the development of a new Standards Claims Framework. This resource will replace the five Logo Use and Claims Guides that currently provide guidance and requirements for communicating about the Organic Content Standard, Global Recycled Standard, Recycled Claim Standard, Responsible Down Standard, Responsible Wool Standard, and Responsible Mohair Standard. The goal of the Standards Claims … Read More

2020 Corporate Fiber & Materials Benchmark: Everything You Need to Know

Calling all textile companies with business roots in the fields, forests, ranches and waste streams of our planet. You have a vital role to play in the post-COVID transition! We have been forced to pause, giving us an opening to rethink how we do business. It’s the perfect time to assess where we currently stand so we can plan for … Read More

Plan Your Material Future: Corporate Fiber & Materials Benchmark Updates

Help build your route map for a Post-COVID future!   Textile Exchange’s 2020 Corporate Fiber & Materials Benchmark (CFMB) will open in June. Now is your opportunity to rethink the textile industry and make it fit for the future. We have been forced to pause and will regroup – how should we move forward?   The Material Change Index (MCI), a key component … Read More

Join Us in Charting the Future for Cashmere In Mongolia

The active support of international buyers is a vital ingredient in ensuring the long term success and sustainability of the Cashmere sector in Mongolia, and its recovery from the current Covid-19 crisis. Textile Exchange and UNDP are convening an International Buyers Group (IBG), and we’d like you to contribute your expertise by joining this high-level group. Through the IBG, participating brands will be supporting the development of … Read More

Fashion Revolution: Task force of Italian textile companies

By C.L.A.S.S. | April 30, 2020 Diana, Giusy, Simona and Marina. The call to action of the fashion world was born from four women engaged in the field of sustainability. On the occasion of Fashion Revolution Week, we tell you their story and the results achieved A task force of Italian textile companies active in our area supported the first … Read More

Content Claim Standard 3.0 Open Feedback Period begins April 30, 2020

The Content Claim Standard (CCS) is the chain of custody requirements for all Textile Exchange standards. The standard verifies the presence and amount of a given raw material in a final product. It provides a strong chain of custody system from the source to the final product and is certified by an accredited third-party certification body. It allows for transparent, … Read More


By Brent Crossland, Textile Exchange There is no doubt that interest and demand are increasing for more responsibly grown cotton.  As consumers become more aware of preferred options for apparel goods, an increased focus on cotton production is gaining momentum. In a recent consumer research report from Regenforthenextgen™, when asked, “What would you like to see companies and brands do … Read More

Textile Exchange Certifications Impacts by COVID-19

Due to travel restrictions, on-site audits for our standards are not possible in many countries. The Textile Exchange TEam is working with certification bodies to develop solutions to maintain the credibility of our standards through this time. It is Textile Exchange’s intent that no certified company will lose their certification due to delays in auditing caused by COVID-19. Textile Exchange staff are … Read More

Textile Exchange COVID-19 Statement

In uncertain times like this, we are reminded just how connected we are to each other. We may be separated by borders and distance, but a global pandemic knows no bounds and shows no favoritism or prejudice. Our thoughts are with all who are feeling the impacts of COVID-19. In differing ways, we are all feeling the effects of this … Read More

Press Kit: New Responsible Mohair Standard and Updated Responsible Wool Standard

Access RMS Quotes Download Images Here Download Press Release Here Lubbock, Texas | March 18, 2020 – Textile Exchange announces the release of the Responsible Mohair Standard (RMS) alongside the first revision to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) that was originally released in 2016.   The newly released Responsible Mohair Standard verifies and identifies mohair produced in farming systems that respects animal welfare and the environment. The RMS applies a strong assurance system to perform regular audits of … Read More

NEW Initiative: Accelerating Circularity to Eliminate Textile Waste

via Fibre2Fashion Accelerating Circularity, a new apparel industry collaborative project, has launched efforts to accelerate textile industry’s move from linear to circular. Its project partners are ensuring broad stakeholder representation by collaborating with industry organizations on this work including sharing information, amplifying key messages & streamlining of efforts. With figures from Environmental Protection Agency showing that 15 million tons of … Read More

Davos 2019 | Benchmarking the SDGs

By Liesl Truscott  I’ve just returned from Davos where the World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) hosted a roundtable to discuss the role of corporates in meeting the SDGs – shining a light on the new “SDG2000”. The SDG2000 is a list of 2000 companies identified by the WBA as potentially having the biggest impact on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). … Read More

Textile Exchange Stands Behind LCA of Organic Cotton

Textile Exchange’s 2014 Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of Organic Cotton that was produced in 2014 by thinkstep (formerly PE International and now part of Sphera), a neutral third-party, is being questioned in an opinion piece that will be published by Apparel Insider in its bi-monthly printed magazine expected to come out November 2019. The overall intent of the articles written … Read More

SupplyShift and Textile Exchange Partnership

SupplyShift and Textile Exchange Partner to Accelerate Industry-Wide Responsible Supply Chains in Textiles and Apparel Learn More Here 6/19/19, Santa Cruz, CA: SupplyShift, a leading responsible sourcing and supply chain transparency software platform, has announced a partnership with non-profit industry group Textile Exchange to accelerate responsible sourcing practices across global textile and apparel supply chains. The partnership adds a streamlined set … Read More

WWD | Buy Better, Wear Longer, Dispose Smarter: Know Your Clothes Like a Pro

via WWD | April 22, 2019 Read full article here Think Tank: Buy Better, Wear Longer, Dispose Smarter: Know Your Clothes Like a Pro LaRhea Pepper, managing director of the Textile Exchange, shares how to “go the extra green mile.” By La Rhea Pepper on April 22, 2019 Fashion brands nowadays are becoming more eco-aware, and so are consumers. From production to … Read More

Coherent policies driving sustainable food systems

View Original Article Here  via Nature.com Organic farming is an important role model for changing the current agriculture and food system, argue eleven international experts in the renowned scientific journal Nature Sustainability. They call for coherent policies that support sustainable food systems, incentivize better farming practices, and raise the bar of what is acceptable in farming in the 21st century. … Read More


This first annual 2025 Sustainable Cotton Challenge Report provides information and statistics on the achievements and impacts sustainable cotton programs are having on water, communities, soil quality, biodiversity and social considerations and regulations. By committing to use cotton from these initiatives and standards, the brands are ensuring that the intentions of their sustainable sourcing strategies are maintained and the integrity … Read More

Woman’s Day Magazine | Are Your Fast-Fashion Clothes Killing Farmers?

February 14, 2019 | By Erin Quinn-Kong Original Article on Woman’s Day  Meet La Rhea Pepper and the other women determined to change the industry. When La Rhea Pepper steps onto the 3,000-acre organic cotton farm in Lubbock, TX, that she and her husband, Terry, co-owned and managed for over a decade, she can practically feel him standing next to … Read More

Why the time is right for the Fiber & Materials Benchmark to step up and set the pace

Published: January 9, 2019 Written by: Liesl Truscott, Director of European & Materials Strategy for Textile Exchange Urgency, know-how, and expectation – the perfect storm The time is right. The tension created by the level of urgency, advancement in know-how, and soar in societal expectations means we can now act fast to transform the textile industry’s fiber and material sustainability ratings. We … Read More

Puerto Rico Cotton Study:

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO, December 20, 2018 — A study released today draws on the recent reintroduction of cotton to Haiti by the Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA) as the basis for mapping out a similar scenario for Puerto Rico. Both countries share a history of cotton production that has been halted for generations, and both countries have a tradition of small-scale … Read More

Milestone Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action Launched

December 10, 2018 | Read Full Release Here Originally published by United Nations Climate Change News UN Climate Change News, 10 December 2018 – The global fashion sector today significantly increased momentum to address climate change by launching the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action. Under the auspices of UN Climate Change, leading fashion brands, retailers, supplier organizations, and others, including … Read More

Control Union announces a gift of five new standards to Textile Exchange for future growth and industry transformation.

Five standards have been gifted to Textile Exchange in conjunction with a grant to support the initial review.  Textile Exchange, a member of ISEAL, will be looking for your expertise and thought partnership to help determine the organization’s role in each Standard’s future. Each standard will be assessed separately with the engagement of appropriate content representatives. A recommendation for each Standard will be reviewed by the … Read More

The Cotton Connection Between Puerto Rico and Haiti

Smallholder Farmers Alliance members in Haiti harvesting cotton trials in January, 2018. Photo: Thomas Noreille / SFA Restarting cotton cultivation in Haiti and Puerto Rico became linked at the Textile Exchange Sustainability Conference in 2017, and significant progress was reported on both fronts at the 2018 conference in Milan. “The first commercial cotton crop in 30 years was planted by … Read More

Regenerative Earth Summit: Food + Fiber + Climate

Regenerative Earth Summit: Food + Fiber + Climate December 5-6, 2018 Sustainability, Energy and Environment Complex University of Colorado, Boulder The courage to act is rooted in an authentic sense of purpose. The Regenerative Earth Summit: Food + Fiber + Climate is convening influencers from the food and fashion industries to collaborate on elevating soil health through regenerative agriculture as … Read More

Recycled Polyester is Helping Lift Fiber’s Sales and Image

Originally posted on Sourcing Journal | October 8, 2018 Read Full Article Here Polyester’s image has seen roller coaster-like ups and downs over the years—from unaesthetic leisure suits and claims of microfiber pollution to high performance activewear that battles the elements. Now, it’s polyester’s recycled fibers with high environmental quotient that are in the spotlight. The global polyester staple fiber … Read More

Organic Cotton Takes Center Stage At Burkina Faso’s First International Cotton and Textiles Conference

Pour accéder à la version française, appuyez ici. Friday 28th September 2018 saw the launch of Textile Exchange’s first Regional Organic Cotton Round Table (OCRT) in West Africa, held in Koudougou, Burkina Faso, in collaboration with CRS and USDA during the inaugural Salon International du Cotton et du Textiles (SICOT). The agenda for the Regional OCRT was framed around insights … Read More

Threading the Needle: Weaving SDGs in the Textile, Retail, and Apparel industry

In 2015, the global community of businesses, governments, and civil society organizations agreed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an unprecedented set of targets for people, planet, prosperity, and peace. The SDGs offer a framework to drive business value while impacting a transformative set of sustainability, economic, and social targets. Textile Exchange joined forces with KPMG LLP, a leading … Read More

ISPO Munich 2018: Interview with Textile Exchange

At ISPO Munich 2018 Micheal Schragger from The Sustainable Fashion Academy together with the European Outdoor Group and ISPO set out to get the industries perspective on the current state of its sustainability efforts and conducted interviews with a number of experts, including Textile Exchange’s Senior Manager of Industry Integrity, Ashley Gill. Learn about how the Responsible Down Standard creates … Read More

Patagonia uses #ResponsibleWool in all Products

Celebrate Wool Times … Patagonia   |   Jun 14, 2018  via Patagonia In 2015, we made the conscious decision to put a pause on our wool sourcing “until we can assure our customers of a verifiable process that ensures the humane treatment of animals.” We are happy to have accomplished our goal and to update you that as of fall 2018, all of … Read More

Profile on LaRhea Pepper, Managing Director of Textile Exchange

Article from INTENT | May 1, 2018 Read full article here  LaRhea is an organic cotton farmer and Managing Director of Textile Exchange.  Being a fifth generation cotton farmer, what has growing up in a cotton farming context taught you about our ecosystem? Generation is such a lovely word. It is a place we come from, our heritage, and a … Read More

Let’s Talk About Sustainability

Original article posted on LYST. Written by Chloe Jagger. Read full article here.  Let’s Talk About Sustainability Sustainability is a buzzword that many people are sick of hearing, but with increasing pressure on all of us to protect the planet’s scarce natural resources, there is never a better time to go green. From the materials we should avoid to tips on how … Read More

2017 Preferred Fiber and Materials (PFM) Benchmark Annual Insights Report

The PFM Benchmark Annual Insights Report provides insight into the collective progress and impacts of the benchmarking companies in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The United Nations High Level Political Forum will review responsible consumption and production under SDG 12 in 2018, making the timing of this report an ideal opportunity to focus on this important theme. … Read More

The North Face and the National Park Foundation Partner to Promote Sustainability

Article from California Apparel News | Published on Thursday, April 19, 2018 by Dorothy Crouch Long known as an outdoor brand whose apparel shields its customers from the elements as its corporate mission protects the environment from threats, Alameda, Calif.–based The North Face encourages customers to lead active lifestyles and take action to protect nature. The company’s most recent venture, called the … Read More

REI rolls out rigorous new sustainability standards for suppliers

REI Chief Executive Jerry Stritzke calls the sustainability standards “transformative” in the co-op’s 80-year-old history. (REI) Article from The Seattle Times | Published April 8, 2018 at 11:00 am by Benjamin Romano Policies unveiled Monday by the big consumer co-op mean suppliers that can’t or won’t meet REI requirements in areas such as manufacturing labor safety and fairness, chemical usage, environmental … Read More

West African organic cotton sector gains momentum

Article from Apparel Insider | Published April 28 by Brett Matthews US textile industry NGO, Textile Exchange, has announced the launch of a Regional Organic Roundtable to help develop the organic cotton sector in West Africa. The announcement comes closely on the back of recent news that West Africa’s first organic cotton gin is now up and running in Burkina Faso, … Read More

Regional OCRT Launches In West Africa As Part Of New Partnership With Catholic Relief Services

Textile Exchange is delighted to announce a new collaboration with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) on a series of organic cotton focused activities in West Africa. These include a Market Opportunity Scoping Project (MOSP), a documentary-style video showcasing the region’s organic cotton sector, and the launch of a Regional Organic Cotton Round Table (OCRT) in Koudougou, about 100 km from Ouagadougou, … Read More

Forest for Fashion Event

The UN Economic Commission for Europe (UN ECE) is looking for partners to support and strengthen the narrative around sustainable forest management and the positive Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) impacts that can be created by using forest-derived products in the fashion sector.  Specifically, UNECE is looking for partners to provide the necessary co-funding or fashion collections to help realize an … Read More

SDG Resources Channel Online @ TextileExchange.org/SDGs

Textile Exchange has launched a set of online resources we’re calling SDG Resources Channel to support the industry’s engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This initiative follows on our successful conference in October 2017 where we incorporated the SDGs into the Agenda.  Learn from several of the SDG-related plenaries and breakouts that are included in the Channel from Textile Exchange Members, … Read More

A&E Collaborates With Applied DNA Sciences To Develop Anti-Counterfeiting Sewing Threads

Posted on March 2, 2018 by jblackburn MOUNT HOLLY, N. C. (March 2, 2018) – American & Efird (A&E), one of the world’s foremost manufacturers and distributors of industrial and consumer sewing thread, embroidery thread and technical textiles, announced today a collaborative agreement with Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. to develop sewing thread utilizing CertainT® anti-counterfeiting technology. “The CertainT Program is an innovative solution for … Read More


“To be a true luxury brand today you have to have a strong commitment to raw material.” Our #ResponsibleWool Standard in Wallpaper Magazine for supply chain transparency & ethical animal welfare. We’re proud of our members StellaMcCartney, H&M, Theory, Control Union and Chargeurs Wool for their leadership in wool. Read more at http://ow.ly/eWSi30izV8n — Story by Wallpaper Magazine | February … Read More

Responsible Wool at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Textile Exchange member Ralph Lauren partnered w/ member Imperial Stock Ranch to make this year’s #TeamUSA uniform sweaters, hats & mittens w/ #ResponsibleWool, which ensures animal welfare & grazing land. — Article from SF Gate Published 11:05 pm, Friday, February 16, 2018 | Photo Credit: Ralph Lauren Imperial Stock Ranch Provides Wool for 2018 Winter Olympic Uniforms Read Full Article Here The … Read More

Timberland Is Helping Rebuild Haiti’s Cotton Industry | By Fast Company

Posted by Fast Company, BY BEN SCHILLER | February 9, 2018 Read Original Article Here Haiti hasn’t grown cotton in decades. Its once-abundant industry collapsed in the 1970s due to government corruption, economic mismanagement, and U.S. embargoes. But now, thanks to a project involving thousands of smallholder farmers, apparel brands like Timberland, and a blockchain network, it could be set for a comeback. Within … Read More

Successful Programs Start with Motivated Workers | By Sustainable Brands

This excerpt was originally posted on Sustainable Brands, February 1, 2018. Read Full Article Here.  News Deeply, in partnership with Sustainable Brands, has produced a series of profiles looking at how brands are tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges. The goal is to examine trends and gather insights from a new wave of corporate citizenship — in an era when … Read More

Trending: CO2 Dyeing, Biosynthetics Driving Transition Towards New Textiles Economy | By Sustainable Brands

From Sustainable Brands | February 5, 2018 Read Full Article Here Excerpt from article: Textile Exchange has launched a new microsite, aboutbiosynthetics.org, to demystify the subject and provide information and market intelligence for both businesses and interested consumers. “Right now, biosynthetics are a new emerging area for the textiles industry and an exciting one for us to be exploring at Textile Exchange. … Read More

Responsible Leather Initiative

In 2017, we formed the Responsible Leather Initiative with the goal to bring together stakeholders and define an industry solution to work towards. The outcome was the decision to create a Roundtable, with three key priorities: to drive the development of a global standard, to serve as a platform to share information, and to be a collective voice with other … Read More

Recycled Polyester Commitment

More than 54 renowned textile, apparel and retail companies—including major brands such as adidas, Dibella, Eileen Fisher, Gap Inc., H&M, IKEA, Lindex, MetaWear, Target and Timberland—have committed or are supporting an increase in their use of Recycled Polyester (rPET) by at least 25% by 2020. The commitment will be tracked via participation in the Polyester Module of Textile Exchange’s annual Preferred … Read More

Benchmarking Program and Report

The Preferred Fiber & Materials Benchmark is becoming the industry standard for peer comparisons and experience-based performance improvement, increasingly no one wants to be left behind. In just two years the program has gone from a pilot to a fully-fledged Index. Over 95 companies took part in 2017 and we are expecting growth this year. Funding is now needed to … Read More

Transitional Cotton Challenge

The TCC is an initiative that challenges and encourages companies to move towards incorporating 5% organic cotton into their supply by 2020. Research has shown that organically grown cotton is the best process for securing long-term supply of the fiber by sustaining the health of soil and ecosystems, as well as improving the livelihoods of farmers and communities. A blended approach will address … Read More

2025 Sustainable Cotton Challenge

Textile Exchange and it’s members believe that there is a necessity for cotton to be produced and used more sustainably not only to reduce its burden on the environment, but also as a pathway to lift millions of people out of poverty. Cotton is also an important rotational crop for smallholders and the cash income it creates is vital for … Read More

New Biosynthetics Website and Guide Launched

Textile Exchange has just launched a new website focused on textiles made from sugars, biomass and plant oils – AboutBiosynthetics.org – along with an accompanying “Quick Guide to Biosynthetics“. In the future, we could be wearing clothes made from sugars, plants, algae, fungi and bacteria. Even today, our shirts could be made from sugar cane and our stockings from castor … Read More

Textile Exchange’s Responsible Wool Standard & Argentina Fact Sheet

Textile Exchange announced on November 8, 2017 that the language, content and best practices of its Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) will be used by two key Argentina organizations as a basis for the outreach to and training of regional farmers. This represents the first time Textile Exchange—a global non-profit that promotes the adoption of preferred fibers, integrity and standards and … Read More

Kering & Textile Exchange Release Organic Cotton Guides

Kering and Textile Exchange published two comprehensive guides on the organic cotton trade today in order to provide a blueprint for companies sourcing organic cotton, and incorporating it into their supply chains. As easy-to use tools, the guides demonstrate best practices and sourcing models for a more responsible trade.  Overall, the guides lift much of the burden off of sourcing … Read More


Written by Ashley Gill, Textile Exchange’s Senior Manager of Integrity | Originally posted on Outdoor Research You might notice a blue logo on our website and hangtags for some of your favorite cold weather gear, labeled Responsible Down Standard (RDS). Products with this logo comply with RDS, an important certification for the humane practices and processes of collecting down insulation. We invited … Read More

The Top 7 Sustainability Trends Coming Out of Textile Exchange

This article is posted on Sourcing Journal Online | By Tara Donaldson  Whether it’s circularity, reducing microfibers polluting the world’s oceans or using more materials with less environmental impact, sustainability is front and center in the apparel sector, and brands that hadn’t been on board are joining the party. Because the industry—and the consumer—now demands it. That much was clear at … Read More

The Sustainable Conference Circuit By Karla Magruder

By Karla Magruder | Founder, Fabrikology International Folks, I think we need to focus. There are too many conferences for the textile industry. If they are not solely focused on sustainability they always have at least some environmental talks or “green” suppliers. Are we to target conferences like we target sustainability projects? Focus on those your company has deemed a … Read More


Original article published via Lenzing AG Carved in Blue  | November 2, 2017 —           Tricia Carey | Director Global Business Development – Denim at Lenzing Fibers Textile Exchange is celebrating its 15th year and at its 2017 Textile Sustainability Conference in  Washington, D.C., October 9-11th, participants shared their goals and ideas on how to accelerate sustainable business … Read More

Over 36 major brands pledge to achieve sustainable cotton by 2025

23 more of the world’s most renowned clothing and textile companies, including Burberry, Adidas, Kathmandu and Timberland today pledged to use 100% sustainable cotton by 2025[1].   36 major brands and retailers have now signed up to the 100% by 2025 pledge, including four of Forbes magazine’s list of the world’s ten largest global apparel brands[2], and three of the top … Read More


Textile Exchange is recognized as the leading data reporting source for the industry. This year, the Preferred Fiber & Materials Report and the Organic Cotton Market Report are joined by the Insider Series- an eclectic mix of industry leaders speaking from “inside” their organization. You can access all 3 reports here. Textile Exchange has expanded its Preferred Fiber & Materials Market … Read More

Textile Exchange Attendance at ISEAL Conference in June

For the fifth year in a row, Textile Exchange attended the ISEAL Global Sustainability Standards Conference, this time held in Zürich, Switzerland. Lee Tyler and Hanna Denes of the Integrity and Standards TEam were in attendance, along with 328 other attendees (their largest yet). The attendees cover a huge range of commodities and their industries. Similar to last year, the … Read More

Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) 2.0 & Global Recycled Standard (GRS) 4.0 Released

Recycled Claim Standard 2.0 and Global Recycled Standard 4.0 have both been revised and re-released with significant updates that strengthen them. Textile Exchange proudly announces the release of Recycled Claim Standard 2.0 (RCS) and Global Recycled Standard 4.0 (GRS). The newly revised versions of these #GlobalRecycled standards include updates that solidify the RCS and GRS as the leading standards for … Read More

Speakers Announced for Textile Sustainability Conference: Catalyzing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Industry thought leaders from around the globe will gather in Washington, D.C., Oct. 9-13, 2017 to create action and develop a 2030 roadmap for the textile industry. Textile Exchange prepares to welcome over 400 leaders from the textile and apparel industry for its annual Textile Sustainability Conference. The 2017 conference is a global event taking place in Washington, D.C. on … Read More

Quick Guide to Organic Cotton

What You Wear Matters! Quick Guide to Organic Cotton A Fact Sheet on Organic Cotton – Lower Impacts for Agriculture and Apparel Industries. Our newly released Quick Guide to Organic Cotton is an overview of the positive impacts of organic cotton, including frequently asked questions and supporting facts that indicate organic cotton is the preferred fiber choice compared to its … Read More

TExcursion: Connect With Africa

On May 1-10, 2017, Textile Exchange teamed-up with OrganiMark for TExcursion: Connect With Africa. We were joined by several industry leaders, including Target, Kering, Timberland, Anthesis, Change Agency and a film crew for an eye-opening, hands-on learning experience throughout South Africa’s sustainable land-based materials industry. OrganiMark, based in Pretoria, South Africa, brought our group to University of Pretoria, Loskop Cotton Farm … Read More

Supplier Spotlight: Appachi Eco-Logic Cotton

In the Supplier Spotlight, we like to showcase suppliers offering a special preferred fiber or material to the market. This month, the spotlight is on Appachi Eco-Logic in Tamil Nadu, India, which produces extra long staple “Eco-Logic” cotton fiber. Supplier Name: Appachi Eco-Logic Cotton Pvt Ltd Location: Tamil Nadu, India Product: Eco-Logic Cotton Fibre (ELS35) Profile: The Eco-Logic Cotton Fibre … Read More

Interview With Control Union, Partner of the Regional OCRT in Izmir

Being a long-term friend of TE’s, Control Union kindly chose to partner the recent Regional Organic Cotton Round Table in Izmir. Control Union is a strong actor in Turkey when it comes to organic textile certification, and we recently interviewed İsa Cem Topbaş, an auditor with the company, to hear his thoughts on the R-OCRT and what potential he sees … Read More

Great news from SmartFarming!

SmartFarming to launch its Cotton App for Indian farmers next week. At the Innovation Lab 2016 in Hamburg, the SmartFarming team pitched their in-progress plans for developing a smartphone app designed specifically for cotton farmers in India. The app is designed to provide tailor-made and real-time agricultural advice, connecting rural areas to the wealth of information and advice now available … Read More

HRH The Prince of Wales: Sustainable Cotton Communiqué 2025

May 24, 2017 | Textile Exchange is at the heart of a new sustainable cotton initiative launched in the UK by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. At a high-level meeting held at The British Academy in London on May 24th, The Prince of Wales’s International Sustainability Unit announced the signing of a sustainable cotton communiqué by 13 of … Read More

Verify any Content Claim with the CCS

Textile Exchange standards verify the content of a wide range of materials (i.e. organic, recycled, responsible wool, responsible down), but could never create standards to cover every material claim. Although it is embedded into all Textile Exchange standards as the basis for chain of custody requirements, the Content Claim Standard (CCS) was created as a separate, generic standard to be … Read More


Turkey, and the wider region, has huge potential to accelerate growth in organic textiles. Geographically and technically the region has much in its favour. Over 120 motivated stakeholders came together with optimism and vision for an organic future to Think Global, and Act Local. As part of the collaboration with the Izmir Municipality (İZFAŞ), Textile Exchange commissioned Change Agency to … Read More

Updates to TE Transaction Certificate Policy and Templates

Textile Exchange (TE) is pleased to announce an updated Transaction Certificate Policy and corresponding Templates for our standards. Further to these updates, TE has released individual Transaction Certificate templates for each standard and an additional template for products certified to multiple TE standards. The example given in the template is a product made with both Organic Content Standard and Recycled … Read More


Originally posted by Genevieve Scarano on February 6, 2017 Unifi is transforming the textile sector with another annual achievement. Read more


Originally posted by Angela Velasquez on February 2, 2017 Channeling the Fab Four, Arvind debuted a new corduroy collection on Tuesday at Bluezone in Munich, Germany. The collection, called Neo Cord, takes aim at the belief that corduroy is only a winter fabrication. “There’s nothing new with corduroy, but by using the same technology we use in denim, we can … Read More


Originally posted by Angela Velasquez on February 1, 2017 Sustainable technology provider, Bluesign, plays a key role in G-Star Raw’s multi-prong approach to clean denim. At Munich Fabric Start on Tuesday, Sara Fessler, G-Star Raw’s Restricted Substance List and environmental specialist, outlined the Dutch brand’s path from landing in Greenpeace’s infamous 2012 Dirty Laundry report to creating 100 percent Bluesign products in 2017. … Read More


Lubbock, Texas – 5th May 2016 – Textile Exchange is excited to announce the release of the second draft of the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) for public stakeholder review. The stakeholder review is an important opportunity for interested parties to give input into the standard, and to ensure that it meets its goals and delivers value to the wool industry. … Read More


From www.hm.com All factories producing for H&M should be safe and all workers should feel safe at their everyday workplace. These are key concerns for H&M. We have always seen it as our responsibility to actively contribute to safe workplaces in the textile industry. In general, there is a need of improving fire and safety in Bangladesh – a country … Read More


The impact reduction that can be achieved by converting from virgin polyester to recycled polyester is unfathomable! In celebration of Earth Day (April 22), we want to take a moment to inspire and ignite the power that we have in the global textile industry collectively to generate transformational change at scale. We decided to run a simple set of two scenarios on virgin polyester and mechanically … Read More


cotton plant

Triple Pundit has launched a series on Cotton Fibers at Work: Environmental and Social Impacts from Farm to Factory. The series is sponsored by C&A Foundation. The first two articles in the series feature Anita Chester from C&A Foundation and TE’s Liesl Truscott. Articles can be read here: Published by Nithin Coca on Tuesday, Feb 9th, 2016 We all know … Read More


Save the date for Textile Exchange’s annual Textile Sustainability Conference being held in the beautiful port city of Hamburg, Germany on October 3-6, 2016. The line-up of events will include: October 3: Conference Check-in and evening Welcome Cocktail Reception October 4-5: Full Day Conference and Events October 6: Organic Cotton Round Table October 7-10: TExcursions (Tour options to be announced) … Read More


January is Membership month at Textile Exchange, and we want to start by thanking all our members for your generous support of our work.  We simply could not accomplish what we do at TE without your financial contributions and collaborative engagement with us. So to all our members, a HUGE thank you! For those of you not familiar with TE or haven’t … Read More


Textile Exchange, Organic Trade Association join forces to advance organic fiber Under an MOU agreement, the two will work together to strengthen the organic textile industry Lubbock, Texas (January 20, 2016)— Textile Exchange (TE) and The Organic Trade Association (OTA) have announced an important collaboration to strengthen the North American organic textile industry’s public policy influence and public relations efforts. … Read More