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communications FAQs

Communications FAQs

Textile Sustainability Conference

Textile Sustainability Conference

preferred materials and fiber questions

Preferred Fiber & Material Questions



standards & certification

Standards & Certification

Who makes the decision if a gifted Standard is taken into Textile Exchange’s portfolio?

Can I use the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) to know the identity of the farm?

What is the cost of Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) farm certification?

How do I become certified to the supply chain scope of the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS)?

What is the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS)?

Can I use the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) to know the identity of the farm?

Does the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) only covers feathers from geese, or does the scope includes other species of birds?

What is the Responsible Down Standard (RDS)?

What qualifications do I need to meet in order to make a Product-Specific Claim?

What is a Product-Specific Claim?

My product does not qualify for labeling, how can I communicate about my support or commitment for the standard?

My product does not qualify for labeling, can I still make a claim using language such as “contains organic XXX” or “contains recycled XXX”?

I have received certified materials from my supplier, can I label my product with a standard logo?

Do you have the text that is required to appear with the logo available in other languages?

Can you send me a standard logo?

Can someone from Textile Exchange approve my standard logo artwork?

Is it required to mention whether recycled material is pre-consumer or post-consumer on final product labeling?

How do I become an approved Certification Body?

I would like to write an article about a Textile Exchange Standard. Can I conduct an interview with one of your team to get more details?

Do you have translations of your standards available in other languages?

I cannot find a certified company on your website listing. Does this mean their certification is not valid?

I would like to source certified materials (yarns, fabric, etc.). Do you have a list of certified suppliers and their contact information?

Do you have a list of companies that are certified to the Textile Exchange Standards?

How do I verify that a Scope Certification (SC) or Transaction Certificate (TC) is valid?

My supplier provided me with a “Scope Certificate”. What does this mean?

My supplier provided me with a “Transaction Certificate”. What is this?

How does brand certification differ from supply chain certification?

Should my brand become certified (to any standard)?

How much does certification cost?

What is the process for becoming certified to one of your standards?

Do I need to be a Member of Textile Exchange to use Textile Exchange standards?

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