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The Brazilian Association of Cotton Producers aims to increase the profitability of the sector through the union of its agents and seek strategic sustainability, acting politically, socially and economically with the public and private sectors, practicing management of results in four aspects: fiber quality, traceability, sustainability and commercialization.


The Brazilian Responsible Cotton program – ABR, is the union of cotton growers in favor of a more sustainable cotton production in Brazil, focused on the progressive evolution of good agricultural, social, environmental and economic practices.

Producing Countries (2016/17 unless otherwise stated)


Manufacturing Process


Manufacturing Location


Fiber Production 2016/17 (MT)


Growth in production (2016/17 - 2017/18)


Market Share of Total Cotton Grown (2017/18)


Projected growth in production

Projected Increase

Yield (see accompanying “TE Position” notes)

Average 1629 kg/ha

Rainfed/ Irrigated

95% rainfed, 5% irrigated

Water Management

ABR has 21 verification items related to the efficient use and conservation of water within the criteria of “Environmental Performance” and “Good Agricultural Practices”.

Soil Fertility

18 criteria related to soil health, including: minimum crop, crop rotation, soil fertility analysis, organic matter, no-till, erosion prevention and soil salinity, fertilizer efficiency and pH correctives, precision agriculture, map soil fertility, fertilizer application at variable rates and use of biome-adapted cultivars, and cotton growing areas outside the Amazon biome, and cultivated in areas that were once farmed.


ABR certification is 100% aligned with all federal laws in the country. Promotes conservation of biomes, water sources, fauna, flora and environmental recovery.

GMOs Permitted?

Yes – regulated and carefully managed. ABR has specific itens regarding the GMO and its management of the resistance.

Use of Hazardous Pesticides

The farm has a strategy to discontinue the use of WHO Class I pesticides, pesticides listed in the Rotterdam Convention and Endosulfan

Use of Synthetic Fertilizer

Permitted – In the criterion of good agricultural practices the ABR has 5 certification items related to the sustainable use of synthetic fertilizers.

LCA available?


Water Consumption (m3/ 1000kg fiber*) or best practices used to conserve water


Primary Energy Demand MJ /1000 kg fiber *


Global Warming (kg of CO2-eq/ 1000kg fiber*)


Eutrophication (kg of phosphate-eq/ 1000 kg fiber *)


Social considerations / regulations

The social theme is aligned with the legal precepts that protect and preserve the integrity of the worker. 100% aligned with Brazilian labor legislation – Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT); 100% aligned with the conventions of the ILO – International Labor Organization; 100% aligned with Regulatory Standard 31, which regulates work safety, occupational health and the work environment.

Verification / Certification (farm level)

Diagnostic evaluation, plan for the correction of nonconformities and certification by 3rd parties.

Chain of Custody (supply chain)

The model adopted (EAN 128 – subsidy B) was based on the system implemented by the USDA. The current standard uses a Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) logistic unit serial code – one of the most important application identifiers used in product traceability – containing 18 digits preceded by a two-digit prefix (00) that identifies the EAN / UCC code type. It is a simple, practical and very safe system for the traceability of cotton bales, which can be implanted by all producers and cottons without major investments.

Product marketing/labeling

Limited in the marketing of products in the bales

Consumer recognition

Low levels of awareness in consumer recognition


Maybe some price differential paid directly to farmers – farmers are paid based on market price, prevailing quality and whether certified cotton.

Product marketing/labeling

Limited in the marketing of products in the bales

Quality perception/ implications

Consistently high quality, among the highest in the world in all parameters
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