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To produce high quality, high-yielding fiber while sustaining the natural environment, people and regional communities.


The myBMP (Best Management Practices) program is the Australian cotton industry’s environmental and social standard. To achieve full certification, growers must comply with more than 400 checklist items across 10 modules including soil health, water management, natural assets, pest management, energy efficiency and worker health and safety.

Producing Countries (2016/17 unless otherwise stated)


Manufacturing Process


Manufacturing Location


Fiber Production 2016/17 (MT)

138,000 mt

Growth in production (2016/17 - 2017/18)


Market Share of Total Cotton Grown (2017/18)


Projected growth in production


Yield (see accompanying “TE Position” notes)

2235 kg/hectare

Rainfed/ Irrigated

77% irrigated, 23% rainfed

Water Management

67 criteria related to water management, 42% water use efficiency gain industry-wide.

Soil Fertility

32 criteria related to soil health including: minimum tillage, crop rotation, soil testing, organic carbon, stubble retention, erosion and salinity prevention, fertilizer efficiency and plant monitoring.


28 criteria related to sustainable landscapes, including: management of native vegetation and natural assets, improve habitat for biodiversity, assess and monitor native vegetation condition, stock exclusion.

GMOs Permitted?

Yes – regulated and carefully managed.

Use of Hazardous Pesticides

80 criteria related to pesticide management. More than 90% decrease in pesticide use industry-wide. Practices include IPM, compulsory training, pupae busting, farm mapping, weather monitoring, safe storage and handling.

Use of Synthetic Fertilizer

13 criteria relating to fertilizer efficiency including plant monitoring to assess requirements, pre and in- season nutrient budgets, monitoring and record keeping.

LCA available?


Water Consumption (m3/ 1000kg fiber*) or best practices used to conserve water

0.5 m3/MT Irrigation Water Use Efficiency (DPI, 2019) 67 criteria related to water management

Primary Energy Demand MJ /1000 kg fiber *

4000Mj / 1000kg of lint (on farm only) + 17 criteria in myBMP addressing energy efficiency

Global Warming (kg of CO2-eq/ 1000kg fiber*)

No LCA Data

Eutrophication (kg of phosphate-eq/ 1000 kg fiber *)

No LCA Data

Social considerations / regulations

All Australian cotton growers subject to high standards by law for fair work conditions, pay, health and safety. myBMP includes 49 criteria related to human resources and worker health and safety including 35 standards required by Australian law.

Verification / Certification (farm level)

Self assessment, third party verification and certification and spot checks

Chain of Custody (supply chain)

Physical segregation and tracing possible, unique bar-code identifier on every bale tracking field to spinning mill.

Product marketing/labeling

In-store marketing and on-product label (own label or Australian cotton swingtag).

Consumer recognition

Higher levels of awareness in Australia.


No price differential paid directly to farmers – farmers paid based on prevailing market price and quality.

Product marketing/labeling

In-store marketing and on-product label (own label or Australian cotton swingtag).

Quality perception/ implications

Consistently very high quality, amongst highest in the world across all parameters.


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