• When

    10-11th May 2018

  • Where

    Izmir, Turkey

Textile Exchange’s Organic Cotton Round Table (OCRT) has evolved to become THE shared space for the organic cotton community to gather and collaborate. In April 2017, Textile Exchange introduced the concept of the Regional OCRT in Izmir (see the 2017 Highlights Report and video here). The second Regional OCRT in Izmir was held on 10-11th May 2018 during the 9th EKOLOJİ Trade Show, hosted and sponsored by our collaboration partner, İZFAŞ.

Highlights from the 2018 Regional OCRT Izmir



Textile Exchange is delighted to invite you to join us in Izmir this May for the 2nd Regional Organic Cotton Round Table (OCRT), hosted in collaboration with İZFAŞ at the 9th EKOLOJİ Trade Show.

When? 10-11th May 2018 (excursion and networking dinner on the 10th, and Regional OCRT event on the 11th)
Where? Fuarizmir, İzmir – Turkey’s newest and biggest fair complex


Speakers & Facilitators

We were honoured to have Helmy Abouleish, CEO of the SEKEM Initiative, join us as keynote speaker, alongside representatives from brands, producer groups, NGOs, government agencies and industry organizations, including:

Bio Kishovarz NNC
Bossa Denim
Change Agency
Control Union

Gherzi Group

IFOAM – Organics International
Nudie Jeans Co
Organik Tarım Daire Baskani

Stella McCartney
The Alliance for Responsible Denim

2018 Sponsors


Contact Materials@TextileExchange.org to provide feedback or input on the agenda, or if you would like to put yourself forward as a speaker or thought starter.

We are currently looking for sponsors of the Regional OCRT to support the event and/or the development of a regional strategy for organic cotton. Click below to see current collaboration opportunities or contact us for more details.

2018 Collaboration Opportunities

Did you know?

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This region produces more than 20% of organic cotton globally.

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Check out Textile Exchange’s 2017 Organic Cotton Market Report here. At the Regional OCRT, we will look at supply trends and regional business models that create value for all involved.

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This region not only has a cotton cultivation history of several thousand years, but was also one of the pioneers of organic cotton.

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Turkey has been producing cotton organically for over 35 years, and retains its GMO-free status. See Turkey Sourcing Guide for more info. At the Regional OCRT, we will discuss integrity, transparency, and how to support regional value networks.

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This region produces both long and extra-long staple organic cotton, which feeds into local and vertical production.

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Check out the new Organic Cotton Fiber Classification Guide published by Textile Exchange and Kering. The 2018 Regional OCRT will host a session on luxury, high quality organic cotton that promises sustainable, premium products.

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This region is experiencing growing momentum in organic agriculture, with strong support from NGOs and Governments, underpinning the geographical and economic advantages.

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Check out Textile Exchange and Kering's new Best Practices Guide For Organic Cotton Trade Models. The 2018 Regional OCRT will host a breakout on the call-to-action for a regional cluster that builds on this momentum, and on the MOSP results.

Market Opportunity Scoping Project

As part of the collaboration with IZFAS, Textile Exchange worked with Change Agency to conduct a Market Opportunity Scoping Project (MOSP) in Turkey, Egypt, Central Asia and the wider European region. The MOSP involved a series of interviews with companies and organizations representing each section of the region’s value network to explore the market opportunities and identify blockages or mis-perceptions that need to be dealt with.

The findings of the MOSP framed the initial discussions at the 2017 Izmir Regional OCRT, which generated a number of initiatives and work-streams to take forward. The Research & Discussion Report resulting from the MOSP is available to download below. It includes detailed findings of the research and identifies the common emerging themes.

Regional OCRT History

One of the actions resulting from TE’s 2016 Organic Cotton Round Table (OCRT) meeting in Hamburg was to create a regional strategy for Turkey and the surrounding region, and there was keen interest to build on the success of the workshop TE hosted during the EKOLOJİ IZMIR Organic Products Fair in 2016. With the OCRT having evolved to become THE shared space for the organic cotton community to gather and collaborate, and with EKOLOJİ IZMIR wanting to strengthen its focus on organic cotton, it seemed only logical to apply the framework of the OCRT – and so, in collaboration with İZFAŞ and EKOLOJİ IZMIR, the Regional-OCRT Izmir was born!

The inaugural R-OCRT was held in Izmir, Turkey, on April 28th 2017. Thank you to all of the participants, speakers, sponsors and partners of this event for your support and valuable contributions on the day. Re-cap on the day’s agenda and speakers in the program here, or download the Highlights Of The Day Report here for an overview of the key themes, outcomes and next steps.

Highlights Of The Day 2017

Regional OCRT on the TV!
We were honoured to be joined on the day of the Regional OCRT by Istanbul-based news channel TRT World, who featured the event in their recent documentary “Made in Turkey”. We greatly encourage you to watch the full documentary, but you can skip to the R-OCRT section starting at 6:15. For the full documentary, click here to view Part, and here to view Part 2.

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